Why Us?

put cashflow and time on your side

Markets may go up. Down. Sideways. Sometimes in a heartbeat. Yet time always only ticks on, never to return. We put this always forward momentum of time on your side to make your investments generate ongoing income – like writing your own dividends. Evolve your wealth management strategy to cashflow-focused vs “unintentional buy-and-hope”.

When you own a rental investment property, you don’t keep it locked up and just “hope” its value increases over time. You rent it and generate income, and of course, enjoy growth as well over time if things go as planned. Did you know you could generate “rent” from your IRA, brokerage account, and in some cases, your 401(k) investments too? Contact us now and make your money work for you. Harder.

protect and grow your investments with tools hedge funds use

Everything we do is to help long-term investors meet long-term goals in a way the industry hasn’t. We refuse to accept that large losses and multi-year recoveries are necessary consequences of long-term investing. Diversification alone is not enough. 2008 proved it. Investors need, and deserve, a better way to solve the investment challenges of today and tomorrow. Did you know you could protect your investments against dropping in value, with tools used by hedge funds? Contact us now to protect your assets from being hit by another 2008.

be intentional with your investing

A lot of our competition has not evolved beyond some flavor of a very limited “diversified model portfolio allocation” (60/40 or 50/50 stocks and bonds etc.), and passive periodic re-balancing approach to manage your investments, while charging comparable or even higher fees. While this may have worked for some in the past, we think today’s financial markets have evolved dramatically with the advent of algorithmic and high frequency trading, and relying purely on this legacy approach is inadequate.

We on the other hand are merely just getting started where our competition stops, and specialize in developing income, growth and protection strategies for your diversified portfolio.

eliminate hidden fees and commissions

Another large part of our competition is merely glorified salespeople working for large institutions, getting paid huge commissions for sticking you with products from the companies they work for – which may not even be suitable for your needs.

We on the other hand are fiercely and proudly independent, do not sell you any fancy financial products for a commission or get paid by anyone else. Your portfolio allocation is individually designed, monitored daily, and adjusted as often as necessary. As a fiduciary, your interests are ALWAYS 100% ahead of ours, and the only way we can be successful, is by helping you succeed!